zebra print room decor

Zebra-Print Bedroom Interior Makes Your Morning Less Ordinary

This choice of bedroom interior exposes your state of mind. If you believe you see the world as clearly as black and white, this kind of bedroom decor will be a perfect fit for you. And every morning when you wake up you will see the reflection of your inner world the best way you like it. The first emphasis should be put on the bed as it is the […]

vintage bedroom

Vintage Bedroom Décor, or Longing for the Past

The first association that the word “vintage” brings to mind is wealth, but vintage things are also thought of as old and second-hand. And while both definitions may be true of really vintage things, no one encourages you to buy a bed that was slept in a hundred years ago. Contemporary design industry has come to a unified decision to produce furniture which would look vintage, that is to say […]

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Many-Sided Prentice Bedroom Set

Among other beneficial sides of possessing a prentice bedroom set is the sound sleep it brings. Insomnia is a wide-spread disease, a kind of a plague of the working society. Business people are looking for a way to make their minds rest and get some sleep. A prentice bedroom set strikes with its simplicity and appearance of accessibility. While at work your head buzzes as a bee-hive, and you need […]

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Stickley Bedroom Furniture Wants to Make You Sleep as a Baby

Modern bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is the place to rest from the daily routine and troubles, renew strength to meet a new day. Here we spend almost half of our lives. It is vitally important that a bedroom should be comfortable and cosy; it should bring you peace of mind. A bedroom is the only place where people can forget about the […]

peacock bedroom set

Glamorous and Freedom-Inspiring Peacock Bedroom Décor

Peacock bedroom décor is widely popular because of its fashionable looks. A family bedroom or a teenage bedroom can be both decorated in this style. The trick is its universal color scheme. We will sooner associate it with a female room, but to be honest, all the shades of blue, green and brown are as much male as they are female. Peacock furniture looks fabulous; it can best fit the […]

romantic bedroom decor ideas, bedroom, romantic bedroom ideas

Set the Right Mood with Romantic Décor in Your Bedroom

Romantic bedroom décor is what the doctor ordered for a couple, especially when the couple is newly-weds. When you have just been joined by the marital vows, the last thing that matters is sleep. You want to enjoy the first romantic moments of your married life. The best solution for it would be to have a romantic bedroom décor. This would work as a mood setter, so even after a […]